Comité de suivi individuel (CSI)

The CSI's missions

The implementation of an individual PhD student Follow-up committee (CSI: Comité de Suivi Individuel du doctorant) is made compulsory by article 13 of the ministerial decree of 25 May 2016, which states: "An individual PhD student follow-up committee shall ensure the smooth running of the programme on the basis of the doctoral charter ("charte du doctorat") and the training agreement ("convention de formation"). In an interview with the doctoral student, it evaluates the conditions of his training and the progress of his research. It makes recommendations and sends a report of the interview to the doctoral school director, to the PhD student and to the thesis supervisor. In particular, it shall ensure that all forms of conflict, discrimination or harassment are prevented. The composition, organization and functioning of this committee are determined by the doctoral school council. The members of this committee do not participate in the direction of the PhD student's work."

The procedures for the composition, organization and operation of the CSIs were adopted by the MathSTIC doctoral school council on 29 January 2018. They are described (sorry in French) here. You can ask for help from your colleagues or supervisors for translation.